Awake at the Wheel

Norio Kushi and the Unmasking of the Phantom Self


Stephen Earle


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Norio Kushi is the eldest son of Michio and Aveline Kushi, seminal teachers of macrobiotics. In 2002, after losing his job and his marriage, he gives up living for a future. To provide for his family, he goes back to the occupation he most enjoys, truck driving. Since then, he has logged over two million miles at the wheel of a big rig and, through a series of epiphanies, has come to a startlingly unique understanding of the human condition.

Awake at the Wheel is Norio’s story, how he grew up in Boston’s macrobiotic community; how he developed an early fascination for bicycles, automobiles, busses, and trucks; how, on one fateful day in 2005, he woke up to find he had been living a fiction, that the self he thought he was didn’t exist; and how that realization has affected the way he lives and the way he relates to others. Norio Kushi has been presenting before gatherings of spiritual seekers for over twelve years. He was a featured speaker at the TAT 2017 Fall Workshop and has been interviewed by Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump.

Author Stephen Earle has known Norio Kushi for over forty-five years.