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There’s that truism to the effect that I have a story but am not my story. Nevertheless, inevitably, my writings are shaped by my story, much of which has involved encounters with different cultural perspectives and different modes of understanding.

After dropping off the academic conveyor belt at seventeen, I worked in a variety of professions, travelled extensively, and lived many years abroad, including sixteen years in Japan during my twenties and thirties. In Japan, I met my wife, Akemi, and made many life-long friends. I also met a mentor and teacher named Odano Sanae who transformed my understanding of the nature of words and language.

During my business career, I served in executive capacities within private and public corporations and managed operations in China, Singapore, the U.K., and the U.S. I continue to be a student of Japanese and East Asian arts, culture, and history and a longtime practitioner of the martial art of aikido.

If this moment of human evolution affords us access to more of human knowledge than any time before, it also besets us with unprecedented social, political, economic, and environmental challenges. Where humanity goes from here is an open question, but what we can say with certainty is that remedies to these challenges are quite beyond individual conceit, that solutions, are they to be found, will only come about through conversation. Humanity, we are discovering, is ultimately nothing but a conversation, and novelty and creativity are that conversation’s most prominent emergents. May the writings introduced here contribute in some way to the advancement of this human enterprise.